Bio Dr. Michael Herrewig

Dr. Herrewig has been in private practice for over 10 years in the White Rock community. Previous to returning to settle in his home town, he practiced in California at a sports injury clinic. Dr. Herrewig completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Victoria before attending Palmer West University to complete his chiropractic degree. Since graduating, he remains active in furthering his ability to improving treatment technique and treating patients to avoid further injury.

Suffering from the inability to "sit still", Dr. Herrewig is an active participant in mountain biking, martial arts, and a "wanna be" hockey player. His enthusiasm for sports has led to a clinic that treats a wide variety of sports injury. Treatment focuses not only on how to optimally treat injuries, but also how to prevent further injuries through conditioning and education.

"Active Release Therapy", "Graston" and a variety of other strengh and stretching techniques are used at the clinic to treat the various musculoskeletal injuries seen on a daily basis. Our short term goal is to treat the injury, but our long term goal is to teach a patient how to avoid it before it happens.

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